Jareth na Devega


Jareth is the slave of Jonas Devega. When Milo and Lydi decide to help Alia escape, they take Jareth along with them. Lydi teaches him to hunt and they grow close, eventually deciding to make a life as nomads in the woods. After Alia dies and Milo is taken home, Jareth and Lydi are left to raise their daughter, Katarina.

In Dalvari, he is captured along with Tirzah and Damian by attacking Shanorans, but escapes with the others two. He now has another son, Derek. After reuniting with him, Katarina, Tobias, and Micah, he leaves with Tobias, Damian, and Micah to try to stop the Shanorans. He ends up getting killed by Lexia while defending Micah.

Wife: Lydi Ludere
Sons: Damian Revais, Derek, Edmund

Jareth na Devega

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