Tobias Revais


Tobias is the best friend of Jonas Devega, and Corinne’s master. He was raised to think lowly of the Teshak and treated Corinne poorly, until realizing he had been taught wrong. He mends his ways, even falling in love with Corinne, but eventually marries Tirzah in order to use her father’s influence to try to free the Teshak. When Milo begins his attacks, Tobias uses his research to summon the Humana and gain power over the senses, which he uses to kill Milo.

In Dalvari, he teams up with Micah and Katarina to stop the attacking Shanorans and free their captives. He then tries to team up with Lexia when he figures out her plan.

Wife: Tirzah Ludere/Revais
Son: Micah Revais
Stepson: Damian Revais
Sister-in-law: Lydi Ludere

Tobias Revais

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